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Future Implications

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With social media and the landscape of it always changing, it is hard for a company to try to stay ahead, if anything they are just barely getting by and keeping up with all the trends and changes.  When social media first started such as Facebook, only college students could sign up using their college email address. At the time, I rarely got on and used it. It wasn’t until after college or when I graduated back in 2008 that I started to use Facebook often. I was mainly using it to stay in touch with friends from college as well as high school to see how they have been or what they are up to. Now, Facebook is used to share photos and videos and that is all I pretty much see. Also companies have created their Facebook accounts and use it to post pictures of new products or contests that they have on giving away product and get people engaged by saying a winner who shares their post will win this new sweater. But, how do they choose? Do they close their eyes and scroll through their page and place a finger randomly on a name?  Some may not wonder as much as I do but honestly, how do they pick a winner? 

Possibly when a site announces their winner they could give an insight on how they picked and maybe if there is a secret to winning. But who knows, maybe I just really wanted to win those new boots. Some implications a company can do to help launch their brands is by one, having the free social media accounts and use all of them to reach their whole audience but they also must remember why they are posting and running their business and have their values relate to what the post. If someone opened a nutrition shop, don’t say your opening because fitness and health is in but your beliefs and values on why you want to expand and help people live a healthier lifestyle. 

Another implication for a brand to try to incorporate into their social media strategy is to post things or discuss topics other than just their business. You own a clothing line or a boutique, your fans get that but try not to overfill their page with your contests or your new item of the day. Post an interesting article about a fashion trend or a celebrity who’s style matches the clothing line you are trying to sell. You want your fans and followers to see more unique posts, this will help you stand out just a little bit more than some other boutiques and could gain more followers if your post has been shared.