Viral Marketing Initiatives

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When you see videos about certain topics, what makes you really want to share this video or song that you heard? Do these media files mean something to you or you want to share to others the knowledge you just learned about a new feature on a car or a new cell phone that is about to come out. As social media grows and the capabilities with it, you see more videos being shared on Facebook or more short videos posted on someones Instagram account. About a year or more ago, I didn’t see that many videos being shared on my Facebook feed but now honestly that is all I really see. I don’t see posts about someones day or updates with their new job or status of where they are. People like to share commercials or short clips that are interesting to them they want to feel as if they are influencing someone with the video that just influenced them.

Companies are recognizing this and are taking action on the marketing initiative of viral marketing. The media needs to have certain characteristics for consumers to be interested and want to then share it with thier friends and peers.  Some of the characteristics are Humor, Interactivity, relevant to ones ideas and opinions and easy to share. One other characteristic that I see more often are the campaigns where the brand is needing votes or Social Commenting. The only way to recieve more votes is by sharing. With the help of social media people are able to start thier own businesses and in order to help get thier website viewed or shared, they look to Facebook or Twitter to help market their brand. A good example is a new boutique, the new owner wants to build her brand and build new customers so, what easier way can she do this? Open an account with Facebook for her new boutique, invite friends to like this page and start posting the “like and share to win this new sweater”. People like free things so people will help market this new boutique and in hopes grow brand awareness. Once this page is up and running, it is important to have the widgets on there to help link to other social media sites such as their Twitter page and if they have a Pinterest as well. Widgets are very helpful and easy, if a new consumer is on this site and sees an item they like, click on the “share” option for that specific social media site and it will post to their own profile such as Facebook. That was pretty easy to do.

In regards to other marketing initiatives, it doesn’t need to be about certain brands or products but it can be about an awareness or support to certain groups who are trying to make a difference. I see a lot of non-profit organizations moving towards viral marketing or sharing of videos to help bring awareness to the surrounding communities. People in return want to share these videos or feel a connection to the cause. There are other videos that are about people who may not be as fortunate in certain ways or be seen as they want to be seen. The below video really hits close for me in regards to my father with a disability which he has had since a young teen. These type of initiatives are to spread a good cause or view for others as some people trully don’t know some of the hardships or the smallest things can mean so much to others. 


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