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Two companies that seem to utilize their social media sites are Target and Wal-Mart. Both are a retail industry selling home good to groceries and fresh produce. They sell several different name brands that are specific to each store as well is a corporate ran industry. By comparing the two, they would seem to have close to the same number of people following them on Face book as well as Twitter. Both of their Face book pages post about their products that they sell such as special on food in their store and ideas about what people can do during the summer. Wal-Mart posts on Face book seem to be as if they shot them while in a store as the images don’t look to professionally made as compared to Target, you can tell that these images have the same concept of the store as well as their commercials. They look trendy and have a good amount of color to them and have cute ways of putting products together to have a theme, such as a burger patty cooking on a colorful grill and it is smiling because of the other vegetables on the grill.

Both sites on Face book are currently posting about products to by for the summer, either to have a fun barbecue or swim in a portable pool that you can buy at either store. Wal-Mart is a little more specific on posting about Roll Back prices on certain grocery items and promotes their store brand of products. While Target also post about their products but noticed they don’t advertise a specific dollar amount. It could be due to the fact that prices may vary across the country due to cost of living. Both sites have commented to their followers when people post on a thread that Wal-Mart or Target has posted about so it shows that they do try to listen to their consumers and to let them know that they do care. For their Twitter account, Wal-Mart does have more followers but seem to follow less people than Target. They have follow about 500 thousand while Target follows about 1.5 million people on Twitter. So it seems Target understand that following more people may get others to post about them or for people so see that Target understands that it’s the consumers that drive their business and popularity on the social media sites. Target also have several other sites such as their Cartwheel site on twitter which is their own app specific to their store to help people save money on anything that they can. They even have their app linked to face book when shoppers use this app while shopping so it can post to the persons page and their friends can see what they saved on today while shopping. There is also a site on Twitter for Target Style, I shop at Target and choose to not shop at Wal-Mart. I feel when I walk into Target that they try to take better care of their appearance of their store and it never seems as crowded either. I noticed there are more Wal-Mart stores within several miles of each other but you would think that it wouldn’t be as crowded? Yes, Wal-Mart may have some items that are less than Target but I believe the quality of the service and store win me over as far as a consumer plus the idea of using this easy Cartwheel app on my phone so I can save a few dollars here and there.


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    angeerenee24 said:
    July 4, 2014 at 3:43 am

    I love Target as well!!! While Target is my preferred shopping location, I do find Wal-Mart carries some things that I cant find at Target. Target does use a lot of color in their post on Facebook and Instagram, which definitely got my attention. They are pretty consistent in all marketing in that aspect as well. You know Wal-Mart is pretty consistent as well with their advertising. You mention the pricing and that is their focus in all forms of marketing for the store. Its all about rolling back the prices and saving money for their customers. While they are both retail stores, their differences are consistent all the way around in advertising. Thanks for sharing about Cartwheel!! I never knew and its nice to know that I can check it on social media and the app that I have now added to my phone. I love it!!

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