Best Practices for blogging….in non-profit organizations

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When you think of non-profit organizations what exactly is the first thing that comes to mind, a Salvation Army or perhaps or maybe a food bank? There are a lot of non-profit organizations in your city, especially if you live in a metroplex like Dallas/Fort Worth.It is very hard for a non-profit organization to start-up and run a business but it can be done and if these organizations use social media it greatly enhances their company and awareness in the community or even people who don’t live in their community. Working in this type of healthcare industry that I work in, we want to see all what non-profit organizations do for their community, how they help people and most of all if we were to give them some foundation money, how would they use the money to help others? A great way to help get their recognition across is to create blogs and get very familiar with Twitter. As Mark W. Schaefer, the author of The Tao of Twitter, he mentioned in his book how he had a follower mention to him on why he never recommended him. In response Mark asked who he was and got to know the gentlemen through Twitter. It turned out he worked for United Way and he told Mr. Schaefer that many non-profits were struggling in his tough economy. As the case unfolded in the book it talked about how he held an informative session and people who worked at United Way attended to learn tools and tactics to start using Twitter. Can any of you think of a non-profit organization that has helped so many in your community? I never really knew many before I started to work for my company but after these past few years I coordinate with these organizations when they have events in the community and all I want to do is try to ensure that someone from our company is there to help those in need who may need help with finding services that they were unaware about.

Some good practices for these non-profits to use for blogging are to have all of these on their page:

  • Superior content
  • Non-intrusive yet effective calls to action
  • Good use of multi-media such as photography and video
  • Superb use of story-telling to align with objectives
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Convenient social sharing
  • Features that involve key stakeholder

I found these examples on Business Grow’s website when they were listing the best Non-Profit blogs

I completely agree on those examples for the same reason we look for some of the same things and I try to incorporate these when I submit the information for our Foundation Board to review.  I tried doing a simple search to get an idea of how many non-profit organizations were in the metroplex but in return I just got numerous pages of different organizations and charities so easily there has to be over 100 in the metroplex on where I live. If you think of how many food banks there are or how many churches provide services to their members and community than it can easily add up. Blogging alone is great for these organizations but they also need to utilize micro blogging such as Twitter. In the Tao of Twitter the book mentions on how Mark Schaefer was preparing his materials for his seminar for local non-profits and the information was picked up by a Twitter friend and an anchor for the local TV Station. The anchor invited the gentlemen who worked for United Way to come onto the morning show to promote the event. He got to talk about his organization and what they do. That is the power of Twitter, media wants to do coverage or stories that help their community so what better way than to invite a non-profit to talk about their organization and in return they can capture an audience who wants to help and possibly donate or get involved. Non-profits have more power than they think and since all of this is free to use then its best if they utilize it because you never know who you can reach. One organization out in Tyler, TX which is about two hours east of Dallas has a Twitter page and my marketing representative who works in this area found their page. Next thing you know she contacted them and learned what they do and eventually they were nominated to receive a Foundation Grant from our company. I learned this when I called to let them know there were receiving an award and they couldn’t have more grateful to learn about the grant as they would be happy with any amount of money.


2 thoughts on “Best Practices for blogging….in non-profit organizations

    nkinsl00 said:
    November 24, 2013 at 3:52 am

    Nice blog. I think blogging for non-profit organizations and even tweeting and posting is very important right now. You mentioned that many health care companies are non profit and right now with everything going on in the government I think it would be nice to see some blogs/posts form these companies since they may be able to explain a little better of what is going on and what is expected. Do you think people should look to specific companies more for info?

    kristinwilson2013 said:
    December 11, 2013 at 6:10 am

    I feel as though many people desire to get themselves involved with non-profit companies. They want to know and feel that they are doing right for themselves and their surrounding communities. When the words not for profit come to mind, a lot of people feel as though it would be a good opportunity to involve themselves with. I think that the way in which a non-profit is able to “sell” themselves to people speaks volumes about their commitment to the cause. The advertisement for a non profit can really sell a person on feeling as though it is the “right non profit organization” for them. -Kristin

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