Healthcare and Social Media….what are the risks and perks?

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When you think about Healthcare and marketing, do you mainly think of ads in magazines while waiting at the doctor’s office? Or when you may be watching television during the day you see those commercials about Medicare or home programs where you can receive your diabetes medicine? I know before I started to work in the healthcare industry that is mainly what I thought of. I mean if you work full time and receive benefits then you really don’t need to choose a healthcare company, right? Now with the Affordable Healthcare Act and will be active in 2014, healthcare companies really need to start using all their channels for marketing, especially social media. There are a lot of guidelines to follow and the risks such as with the FDA and HIPPA as you can’t reveal any current or previous member information. I am sure lately you have been hearing more ads on the radio for some major hospitals that provide their own network or other major commercial healthcare companies such as Aetna or Cigna. I did some research and I read an article talking about social media and healthcare and how some companies really prefer using You Tube over Twitter or maybe Face book. Twitter you can only post 140 characters and can’t really post videos but you can tweet a link to a video.

Working on the Medicaid side of the healthcare industry my company really wants to brand that they do care about the community and really do care and want to help people who truly need help on providing some things for their families. We partner with local non-profit organizations and sponsor large community events. A big thing for us is back to school, being out in the community almost every day, working long hours helping pass out backpacks and school supplies to families who need it for their children. I know watching a video on how a company is helping and seeing these reactions that would market to me easily. So I can see why You Tube is the most preferred social media channel to use, Twitter and Facebook is just as good as you can use those to tweet the You Tube video or share the video on Facebook. The challenges I can see if on how to get people aware of some of these videos and how to design those to catch someone’s attention as there are so many videos on You Tube, either produced from the company or just by anyone. But with creating ads for social media use, healthcare companies must not use any specific cases or member information so that can be a little tricky but a video like this is a great video for social media on You Tube

Now can you see maybe some risks associated with this video? This video was not made by the company and we don’t know if there were any releases signed for them to post this video as it does have images of the public and people who may of not wanted to be on the video or be on You Tube. Now this is not a negative video by all means but the company couldn’t use it unless knowing all these facts and having the video release forms. It can be used internally but not marketed by the company to use for social media. This following video from You Tube is a TV ad.

The video talks about the rebranding but everything about the company is still there, it doesn’t use any specifics but I feel it can still connect to a viewer who is watching it. If you go to You Tube and look up AmerigroupCorp they have several videos that have made for You Tube and talks about real life stories of members and their disabilities and with the help of Amerigroup they are able to live at home….truly a great video to watch!


2 thoughts on “Healthcare and Social Media….what are the risks and perks?

    nkinsl00ic said:
    November 16, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Healthcare is such a hard thing to advertise right now. It seems that everyone has their opinion on healthcare and if they need it. Marketing healthcare is also a tricky thing. Do you think that with what is going on in the government, that it makes it more difficult?

    926l said:
    November 17, 2013 at 2:21 am

    You have some good points on healthcare and how much we hear, see and read on the importance of having one. The Industry is focusing on social sites to get the information out and letting people know there is help, I hear radio ads and TV commercials a lot on affordable health insurance and how you afford one at a certain cost by calling a number to speak to someone.

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