Mobile Apps making it easier to get to your information

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A great mobile application is something you can open on your smart phone or even your tablet and be able to access some information you may need right away. People are always on the go, running out the door and forgetting something they may need especially for an appointment. There are so many times when I show up for my doctor visit or even my eye appointment and I don’t have the simplest information that I need to fill out my paper. If you’re a new patient it is even worse when you don’t have your member ID for your insurance and you’re struggling to remember what your numbers are or even for your children. That itself is a headache, to carry a folder around with all the correct information and then you realize it is sitting on your kitchen counter at  home. A great thing about technology, there are mobile apps even ones that can provide your insurance information for you with a simple click to open your app and what you need is right there. The app is so easy to use, you enter your member ID just once and you have an option to save it so next time you open the app you just enter your password and GO! This app you are able to look up providers in your area, check your systems and also a helpful A to Z for healthcare so while you are waiting on your doctor then you can scroll  through the information.amerigroup-mobile-1-1-s-156x156

It’s a great app to have as a member, half the time when I really need to call my insurance company I spend some time browsing through the internet site on my phone just trying to find the right number! This app already has a quick option to give them a call which is great when you want a quick answer.

Other companies have apps out there to help their consumers but for a health insurance company this is definitely a great mobile application to have to their members. People want things to be easy especially when it comes to finding a doctor in their area. If this type of app existed for my healthcare insurance company, it would make it so much easier for me! This time last year I woke up feeling sick but managed to get ready for work and headed off into the traffic, while sitting in my car in rush hour traffic I really started to regret my decision on coming into work so while driving I am trying to use my phone on the browser for the phone number to my doctor’s office. A lone that’s a bad idea but with this app you can see it is easy to search for a doctor and there you go!

If current members start using this app they can easily mention it to their family and friends who may be interested in becoming a member with our healthcare company then it can be a great tool to drive more members. Of course we market this application as well while out in the community but only if people inquire about it first. A great way to spread the word is through our social media outposts such as Facebook and Twitter, those application are highly used on a daily basis and just a simple tweet or post about this app or if new features are added will raise interest in downloading this easy to use application. Definitely a great way to make any business succesful.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Apps making it easier to get to your information

    Millie Brence said:
    November 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    This is a great idea that I haven’t even thought about. I was impressed when my bank came out with an online deposit application for my phone. Made banking so much easier for those rare paper check deposits. All the various medical cards we have to carry around and information we need to remember can be overwhelming. It is annoying for me in particular when I go onto my health benefits and have to click on several links just to get to a page to find a doctor that is covered under my benefits and is in network. Having an application to streamline that process would be fabulous.

    926l said:
    November 10, 2013 at 3:04 am

    Interesting post on apps. It is very useful to the consumer on covering information needed for appointments more so with banking.

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